“Call for Papers”
XXI Seminario Armenistico Italiano
11 November 2017
Hay Dun, Milan

The Padus-Araxes Cultural Association, Armenian Studies Section, invites scholars and young researchers to submit papers for the XXI Seminar of Armenian Study.
The Seminar will be held on Saturday the 11th of  November 2017 (Casa Armena di Milano, piazza Velasca 4).
Proposals (title and abstract of the paper), together with a short CV of the candidate, should be sent to the following members of the scientific committee of the Armenian studies section of the Association

Marco Bais           
Benedetta Contin
Anna Sirinian      
Paolo Lucca          

Proposals must be received by 30 June 2017. They will be assessed by the Section’s Scientific Committee and the applicant will be notified of the decision by 30 July 2017.
In accordance with the Seminar’s aim to give young scholars the opportunity to make their current research on Armenian studies known and, at the same time, to promote dialogue with disciplines from related areas, papers on interdisciplinary topics related to Armenian studies and related areas of study are encouraged.
A prerequisite for the proposal to be accepted is that the proposer membership is not expired (registration can also be settled on the day the seminar is held, by paying the fee to the Association’s Treasurer, Benedetta Contin).

The membership fees for the current year are: 20 euros for student members; 35 euros for ordinary members.
The membership fee can be paid by bank transfer to the Association’s bank account: ask for the bank details.
The text of the intervention will be published in the annual volume of the Rassegna degli Armenisti Italiani (ISSN 2280-4269), after a joint review by expert referees on the field and final approval by the scientific committee. The volume will be released in autumn of the next year (2018). The editorial board will be inviting lecturers to submit their contributions by the end of March 2018.


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