Armenian in Venice

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Since 1986 the Padus-Araxes Cultural Association, officially founded in 1987, organizes the Summer Intensive Course of Armenian Language and Culture in Venice for students, at least 18 years-old, who intend to learn Armenian language systematically and successfully in an Intensive course tailored to all the levels, from beginners to advanced (according to CEFR standard).

It offers an intensive language training from Monday to Saturday in the mornings and spanning 65 hours, divided into 14 days of instruction focusing on grammar, reading, speaking and writing. An extracurricular program including cultural and leisure activities with trainers offers lots of variety.

The course is for students who want to learn Western Armenian or improve their knowledge of Armenian language and culture including history, linguistics, arts and architecture, music and visual arts. Our program offers also the opportunity to learn Eastern Armenian for students who have an elementary or intermediate knowledge of it. Our teachers of Armenian are all native speakers who are trained in teaching Armenian as foreign language.

Till the present, the Course has recorded a remarkable success in teaching Western Armenian on different levels, even to people who have no knowledge of the language and get their first contact with it here in Venice. In 32 years of activity more than 1240 participants from 31 countries, of whom nearly 140 without any Armenian linkage, attended the course. Read more about the course…