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The audiovisual course of Armenian language, “Hayeren Khosink”, produced by the Cultural Association Padus-Araxes in close collaboration with the University of Venice, on VHS videotapes in PAL, SECAM and NTSC videosystems, is still available on DVD.
Never before has it been so easy to learn Armenian in the classroom or in the privacy of your own home. This has been the first course for a Near/Middle Eastern language to be available on audiovisual cassette.
“Hayeren Khosink” is made up of a DVD and a subsidiary textbook. It is especially intended for false beginners, i.e. those who have a minimal knowledge of the language. It is a fast, entertaining and easy method of learning everyday Armenian, suitable for people of all ages.
Designed by specialists, this course is the result of several years of research aimed at providing the most effective and complete approach in order to learn Armenian with almost no assistance of a language trainer. The DVD contains lessons on everyday life situations, performed by native speakers and held in the majestic surroundings of Venice. Each lesson is followed by explications on grammar structures and forms to make easier understanding. The subsidiary textbook includes English, French and Italian glossaries referring to the dialogues contained in the audiovisual course.
An easy-to-use Alphabet key intended for beginners is also included in the textbook.

COST: – € 60 or US $ 90 for a VHS in the SECAM version; € 30 or US $ 45 for DVD;
– a 10 % discount is applied for all those who order 10 or more sets;
– a 15 % discount is applied to all those that, after an initial order of 10 sets, order more sets;
– a special discount of 15 % is applied to the participants of the Summer Intensive Course ordering one or more sets during the Course.

DISTRIBUTORS: Associazione Padus-Araxes – 30123 Venezia (Italia) – e-mail:

To place an order, send an email to info@padus-araxes with the desired quantity and shipping address, and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

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