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AUGUST  2019    

 For the ARMENIAN version please click here CRS_2019_HAY

 The 34th edition of the Summer Course of Armenian Language and Culture organized by the Association “Padus-Araxes” will take place from August 1st to 17th. Examinations on August 17th.

ARRIVALS: July 31st (check-in). DEPARTURES: August 19th (check-out)

To apply, please fill in the application form that you find on our website: Applications must be submitted PERSONALLY and IN WRITTEN FORM.

Application deadline: June 15th.

Age limit: 18 years old (exceptions should be submitted to the Director of the Course).

Lesson Schedule: 65 hours spanned from Monday to Saturday in the morning. ATTENDANCE of lessons IS COMPULSORY. Lessons will take place in the main building of the Seminar of the Patriarchate of Venice:

Extra-curricular activities (not compulsory): courses of ARMENIAN DANCE, DOUDOUK, TOURS to the Mekhitarist Monastery of St. Lazarus and on the traces of the Armenians in Venice; HOLY MASS  in the ancient Armenian Church of the Holy Cross (14th c.) and in the Monastery of St. Lazarus for the celebrations of Our Lady’s Assumption; LECTURES on issues concerning Armenian History, Linguistics and Culture (the programme will be available by the end of January); EXTRA-TOURS to the most important cities in the Veneto (to be planned with the staff).

TUITION FEE: 850 € (including 65 hours of lessons spanned on 13 days; leisure and cultural excursions; cultural activities; extra-curricular courses; didactical material except for the lessons of doudouk, and tutorship; examination certificate).

After acceptance, the applicant is required to send within 8 days 600 € as enrolment fee UP TO MARCH 15th (up to June 15th, € 700). The remnant of the TUITION FEE must be paid by bank transfer or in cash ON THE ARRIVAL DAY as BASIC CONDITION FOR ATTENDANCE OF THE COURSE and for ACCESS TO THE LODGINGS. Money once paid WILL NOT BE REFUNDED for any reason. Please, contact the Secretary ( in order to get the Association’s bank details for transfer. ALL bank charges are up to the applicant. A 10% DISCOUNT is applied to those who have already attended the course, at least twice, with a good result, as well as to any close relative.

LODGING FEE (from July 31st to August 19th, 19 nights):

  • 1050€ for SINGLE room (services included: private bathroom, AC, WI-FI connection, bed linen and towels, hairdryer, city tax) in the Patronato Salesiano Leone XIII:
  • 900€ for mini-apartment per person (services included: private bathroom, private kitchen, AC, WI-FI connection, bed linen and towels, hairdryer, city tax) in the Hostel We-Crociferi

N.B.:  Since 2011 the city tax is applied by law to all guests and the lodging houses have to transfer it to the municipality. This tax is already included in the aforementioned lodging fee.

Those who would like to arrive earlier or leave later than the given dates have to look themselves for their own solution for a room on those days. If you are not interested in lodging and you can manage it by yourself, please let us know it as soon as possible.

Tuition fee + Lodging fee = 1750 € (in mini-apartment); 1900€ (in single room).

 Not Included:

  • Meals (about 10/15€ per meal). Please, notice that all the Mini-apartments have a private kitchen available. Moreover, the course staff offer three dinner parties during the course and the main meal for the feast of our Lady’s assumption at the mekhitarist monastery of st. lazarus.
  • boat monthly ticket (about 85€; please, consider that one-trip ticket costs 7,50€ and that boats are the most used and comfortable as well as the more convenient means of transport for moving in Venice centre and Lagoon).

For further INFORMATION, send an e-mail to and For urgent information you can call on Monday and Thursday mornings from 10.30 to 13.00 a.m. and from 8 to 10 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays (ITALIAN TIME) at the mobile phone +39.329.3529206 or at the mobile phone + 39.349.0986027 (Benedetta). BE SURE to take into consideration the time difference to your own country. In case we cannot reply, leave a CLEAR, UNDERSTANDABLE message to the automatic answering device of the mobile phone giving NAME and a PHONE NUMBER which is contactable by Whatsapp. You will be called back.


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