Final Press Release for the 32nd Summer Intensive Course of Armenian Language & Culutre in Venice

The Intensive Summer Course of Armenian Language and Culture of Venice organized by the Cultural Association “Padus-Araxes”, in collaboration with the Venetian Catholic Patriarchate and the Studium Generale Marcianum Foundation, took place this year from August 1st through August 19th. 

This year the programme had 32 participating students, both Armenians and non-Armenians, from 9 countried (Armenia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Great Britain, USA). Among them this year there was a significant number of undergraduate and graduate students, the other being people of different ages, among whom also several professionals, teachers, and academics.

For the eighth time this year some students of the eighth class from the Koloyan Armenian High School of Toronto (Canada) took part in the course, under the guidance of the Principal, Prof. Armen Martirossian and one of thei teachers, Suzanne MIldounian. Besides, as it has been in the previous four years, young Armenian teachers from Istanbul, sent by the Union of the Armenian Schools of Istanbul, arrived in order to improve their linguistic knowledge through the study of some masterpieces of modern Western Armenian literature, and to acquire new abilities in didactics, history of language and classical Armenian.

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